Bj Medewi Surf Homestay

Halim is a highly motivated individual living and working in Medewi, Jembrana Regency, West Bali. He has involved himself in the Balinese and local Medewi tourism industry over the past fifteen years and holds a great knowledge of what visitors to Medewi and the Regency are looking for. Book Now on Airbnb.


At Bj Medewi Surf Homestay you have complete privacy set in a rural | surf environment. We are two minutes from Medewi Point. We tend toward the environmentally friendly scale of accommodation that offers everything you may desire. We provide a range of services: simply ask us.

Surf Lessons

Halim is completely hooked in to the local Medewi board riders and has an instant access to the best surf coaches in the region. The hiring of surfboards to learn on as well as the coaches that speak English and take the time to explain the basics before hitting the water are all part of the Bj Medewi Surf ethos.

Bj Medewi Surf Homestay is typically Balinese, surrounded by lush gardens and outdoor raised Bali huts to completely relax in.

Operated by Halim Hatta, the Villa seamlessly integrates into the community. View a video overview of Medewi and surrounds above.

Our drivers will collect you from anywhere on the island. Be sure to contact Halim and he will arrange everything.

For the beginner surf lessons start in the white wash and move on to the main break at Medewi Point.

Day trips to anywhere in Bali can be organized at Bj Medewi Surf Homestay, simply ask us. All of the prices are fixed.


Halim is an astute professional surf photographer. You can see him at Medewi Point every day. Be sure to say hello.

Local Foods

The local Balinese food is extremely appetising. That said there are many local restaurants that cater to a Western palette. 


Bj Medewi Surf Homestay can organise transportation to Medewi from anywhere on the island. Simply contact us. 

Support Local Business

By supporting local business you are in fact supporting the entire community. Halim for example employs only locals and distributes a percentage of monies earned throughout the Medewi community. Book Now On Airbnb.

Local Knowledge

The knowledge that the local surfers have with regard the Medewi Point break is invaluable and can benefit international surfers of any level of experience. Hire a local for a session and get to know the break.


There are many local women who are adept at Balinese therapeutic massage. Let Bj Medewi Surf know of your desire to be massaged and we will organize a masseuse to visit the Villa. Relax in the comfort of your home.

Bj Medewi Surf AccommodationAirbnb

Experience Bali at its best. Open, light, clean and comfortable with gardened surrounds, Bj Medewi Surf is ideal for those seeking an authentic Indonesian experience. We value your personal privacy and yet welcome you to join in any activities that may be of some interest to you or your family. We also offer airport pick ups and drop offs. Simply visit Airbnb below to secure your slice of paradise.