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BjMs Bali Indonesia guarantee a wealth of experience for you to remember.
Whether you are just wanting to surf and chill or more of a cultural exchange we have you covered.

BjMs Is Everyone’s Favorite Getaway.

BjMs accommodation service is owned and managed by Halim Hattar. Halim has fifteen years experience in the local Medewi tourism industry. He has a knowledge of what visitors to Medewi are looking for.

BjMs provides an environmentally friendly scale of accommodation and is here to respectfully service your time in Medewi.

As a guest you have the option to hire a variety of surfboards. BjMs also provides a choice of scooters to hire. We also have instant access to the best surf guides in the region.



BjMs knows what works for surf tourism: a relaxed but efficient outfit.



We are only two minutes from Medewi Point and other local breaks.



Bj Medewi Surf Camp is a place to eat, surf, rest, relax and revive.



We provide a gardened retreat that services what you want.

The Best Deals! Shop Local Stay Global!

BjMs services for a hassle free time in paradise!

We provide a gateway to Balinese culture through which you can explore our island. We pride ourselves on a good customer relation. It is important to us that we provide you with what it is you are expecting. Please do not hesitate to contact us any time.

01. BjMs Therapeutic Balinese Massage

BjMs Therapeutic Balinese Massage is a must if you have had a bit of a break from surfing. If you are not surf fit the exercise can tighten muscles you haven’t used for a while. There is professional massage available at a reasonable price.

02. BjMs Scooter Hire

BjMs scooter hire is a part of our overall business. All of the scooters we source are mechanically sound. All of our scooters include a helmet. We are only two minutes from all of the local surf breaks. These include Medewi Point, Sumbul and Pekutatan.

03. BjMs Bali Day Tours

Whether it’s surf related, cultural tours, diving or dolphins, let us assist in planning your Bali day tours. There is a lot to see and experience throughout Bali. We have a list of established day tour packages. Plan your Bali day tours to any where on the island with BjMs.