Surfing at Medewi

For the beginner surfing is not as easy as it seems from the shore. There are many elements you will have to master before you are confident enough to go it alone.

Bj Surf Instructors

Bj Medewi Surf provides the best local surf instructors who will give you everything you require to get you up and riding a wave in the quickest time possible.

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For a comprehensive professional introduction to the basics of surfing talk with Halim and he will organise everything you require: +62 85903714124.

Experience Bali at its best. Open, light, clean and comfortable with gardened surrounds, Bj Medewi Surf Camp is ideal for those seeking an authentic Indonesian experience. We value your personal privacy and yet welcome you to join in any activities that may be of some interest to you or your family. We also offer airport pick ups and drop offs. Call or WhatsApp Halim on +62 85903714124 or simply visit Airbnb below to secure your slice of paradise.

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Medewi is a very different experience from the southern parts of Indonesia.

Bj’s instructors will have you standing on a wave within the first lesson.

We source the best soft top boards for you to learn on, providing stability.

Within a week you will be experiencing the sheer joy of riding a wave.

Within two weeks you will have moved to a shorter board taking off at the point.

Our instructors take the time to discuss various improvements you can make.

We are here to provide you with everything you need to enjoy yourself.

Surfing requires a level of dedication for you to grasp the basics.

Take advantage of the vast amount of local knowledge: book in a session.

Highlights from the Medewi Boardriders Challenge 2018

Below you can view some of the highlights from the Medewi Board Riders Challenge 2018. The competition was held at the world renowned Medewi Point break. Whilst it was an open competition involving surfers from all parts of Indonesia, a large number of the surfers on view here are local Medewi surfers and surf instructors. The open division of the competition was eventually won by Bisri Amigo a local Medewi board rider. If you have never surfed before these guys will have you

standing up on the board and orientating yourself with the balance required to stay on the board on the first day out in the surf. That said, surfing proficiently demands time, patience and practice. Importantly the surfing ethos around Medewi is to ultimately have fun. Stay with it as you will thoroughly enjoy an experience of a lifetime. Halim will organise everything for you. Call or WhatsApp Halim on +62 85903714124.

 Surfing Medewi Video’s

We recommend you stay with the same instructor for a week to develop techniques required to feel confident in paddling out on your own. Within this period of time you will be catching waves from the main take off zone at the Medewi Point Break. Importantly, do not panic as you will be surrounded by people who will come to your assistance if required. Halim is a professional surf photographer whose team can capture your

progression over several days. You are welcome to talk over any problems you are experiencing back at Bj Medewi Surf Camp with your instructor or Halim who will then pass your concerns onto your chosen instructor ready for the following days surf. We are here to give you a comprehensive understanding of what it is you need to do to maximise your experience. 

Halim at Bj Medewi Surf Camp will see that you are satisfied with every aspect of your time in Medewi.

Hang in there. Bj’s instructors will have you confidently navigating a wave within a week.

When they are not instructing the local surfers have an extreme amount of fun on their home break.

The level of experience with the break varies. That said it is a fantastic wave to learn on.

Longboard or short the Medewi Point wave is suitable for both allowing a maximum degree of fun.

The locals will always greet you with a smile. Medewi is a vastly different Balinese experience.

Bj Medewi Surf Camp can arrange a package that will take care of everything you need.

A therapeutic Balinese massage following a surf is always a good option to loosen any stiffness.