Getting Here

Below you will find a map to and email for Bj Medewi Surf Camp. Your first trip to Bali? We strongly recommend taking advantage of our valet drivers.

Upon Arrival

Entering the country via the International terminal? Simply let Halim know the time you are arriving and there will be a driver to collect you: call or WhatsApp +62 85903714124.

Cultural Significance

There are many places of cultural significance in the Northern regencies of Bali. Simply talk with Halim to organise with your input a tour of the region.

If you are already in Bali, simply call or WhatsApp Halim on +62 85903714124 to arrange a driver to collect you. All of our drivers are very safe, speak fluent English and are extremely reliable.

Spend the morning out with some of the local fishermen in a traditional Balinese boat. Do some fishing if you like or relax and take in the spectacular coastal views surrounding Medewi.

The three religions of Bali include Mohammedism, Hinduism and Catholicism, with all three harmoniously existing side by side in the Jembrana regency of which Medewi is a part.

You are more than welcome to stop on your way out to Medewi to do some shopping, drop into a reputable money exchange or stop for refreshments. Bj will be here waiting for you.

Our drivers are more than willing to collect you from any point of entry to the island. If you are arriving from Java or Lombok your driver will meet you at the ferry terminal: WhatsApp +62 85903714124.

Bj Medewi Surf Camp is only too pleased to organize and provide the transport for our packaged day tours. We can sort everything out when you arrive. Get a feel for the Northern Regencies of the island.

Bj Medewi Surf Camp also offers the surfer who desires more, safari’s into Java. These extended trips are with professional surfers who know all of the breaks and are here to show them to you.