BjMs Local Surf Instructors


BjMs local surf instructors are all skilled instructors and surf guides. It is important to us to create a safe environment. BjMs will get you up and riding a wave in the shortest time possible.

BjMs local surf instructors and surf guides are some of the best in the region. It is important to us to get you up and riding a wave in the shortest time possible. All of our instructors and guides are fluent in English. We provide you with all of the basics before you start the paddle out. That said there is nothing quite like learning on the wave.

All of our instructors follow up with advice – if required – on what to do differently after every wave. In this way you get the most out of your experience. Depending on your skill level and importantly confidence, we will start off at the Sumbul beach break before heading over to Medewi point. It is your choice. Either way you will be up and riding a wave on the first day. BjMs local surf instructors have grown up in very close proximity to the ocean. They know the conditions and are able to guide you to the best takeoff zones. If you are looking for accommodation in Medewi, BjMs is only two minutes from Medewi Point. You can browse your options here.

BjMs Local Surf Instructors

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