BjMs Scooter Hire


At BjMs Scooter Hire we source all the best scooters in the area. Please note that the listed price is per day. All of our scooters and cafe racers are fitted with racks. All scooters are registered and ready to go. Ask for a weekly discount.

BjMs scooter hire is a part of our overall business. All of the scooters we source are mechanically sound. All of our scooters include a helmet. We are only two minutes from all of the local surf breaks. These include Medewi Point, Sumbul and Pekutatan. We are only twenty minutes from the Negara markets, banks and other variety shops. An atm is only ten minutes up the road at Pekutatan.

At BjMs scooter hire we recommend wearing a helmet. Helmets come with every scooter. That said it is not essential that you wear one locally. Bring your license. Be warned that if you do not have a license there is a likelihood that if you do travel out of the local area you will be risking a fine of around AUD $20.00 or more. Other than that everything is good to go with a reliable scooter or cafe racer that you can enjoy the freedom of touring our local area with. Contact us via WhatsApp anytime. Email us here or if you are looking for accommodation take a look at our accommodation services.

BjMs Scooter Hire

Honda 70, Honda Star, Honda Vario, Scoopy


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