BjMs Surf Safari’s


BjMs Surf Safari’s allow a hassle free tour through the best Balinese surf breaks. We will tour to any part of Indonesia in air-conditioned comfort with a driver who has toured them all before. We also tour Red Island in Java and Sipura Island in the Mentawai’s. All pricing is per person. Read below for a more detailed breakdown.

  • Our tours to Sipura for two weeks will cost $1,600AUD per person. This price does not include meals or beverage. We do include accommodation, transportation, ferry costs and the Mentawai surf tax. Get ready for some serious surfing fun.
  • Red Island is a must. It is a pristine environment with little to no surfers and great waves. Four days in absolute paradise comes in at $550AUD per person with breakfast included.
  • Anywhere throughout Bali will cost $100AUD per person per day. Including shared accommodation, transportation all the surf gear and breakfast.

With BjMs Surf Safari’s you are in safe hands. You will be paying local prices at some of the archipelago’s most isolated surf breaks. There is always room for spare accessories and extra gear for camping and cooking. BjMs Surf Safari’s guarantee a wealth of experience for you to remember. Photography and videography are both available as options. We can roll a number of things into an overall package that will be ultimately affordable. A range of local surfers with the experience you’ll require will guide you onto every break. If you would like to travel from either the North or south of Bali we will collect you and drive you to a selection of breaks on the way back to Bali. There are many options. Just let us know what you are requiring. Message us via WhatsApp. Contact us via email.


BjMs Surf Safari’s

Bali Breaks, Red Island, Sipura Mentawai


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