BjMs Therapeutic Balinese Massage


BjMs Therapeutic Balinese Massage is a must if you have had a bit of a break from surfing. If you are not surf fit the exercise can tighten muscles you haven’t used for a while. There is professional massage available at a reasonable price. Message us via WhatsApp.

BjMs Therapeutic Balinese Massage is a great means to completely relax following a surf. Select from a group of women who know what they are doing. The regular price is $22AUD per hour. All prices are fixed. The women operate by the beach at Medewi Point between Gede Warong and the fishing village. Every massage lasts an hour unless you require more time. Make sure you do not eat or drink too much before hand. Completely unwind and revive with a BjMs Therapeutic Balinese Massage. For the BjMs guests, we can arrange for a private massage in the central gardened area of our accommodation complex. Peruse the BjMs accommodation service here. You can always message us or speak directly to BjMs via WhatsApp or alternatively email us here.

BjMs Therapeutic Balinese Massage

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